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About Us

Carmen Calvo, Baltimore Placenta Encapsulation Expert

Carmen Calvo


Carmen Calvo founded The Nurturing Root in November 2011. Having struggled with postpartum fatigue, anxiety and sadness after the birth of her first child, Carmen was eager to find a natural way to avoid these feelings again when she became pregnant with her second baby. Carmen began studying the benefits of placentophagy, and with the help of Placenta Benefits, she had her placenta encapsulated.

The difference it made in her physical and emotional well being made Carmen a firm believer in the healing properties of a baby’s placenta – her mood stabilized, her energy levels rose, and her breast milk supply greatly increased. Gone was the feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster; the placenta encapsulation experience helped Carmen to experience motherhood the way she had always wanted to experience it.

Carmen was so passionate about placentophagy that she dedicated herself to training as a placenta encapsulation specialist. Eager to share the placenta’s restorative powers with other mothers, and inspired by the image a placenta created when printed, she started The Nurturing Root, and has been happily offering her services ever since.

If you’re a Maryland mother-to-be, let Carmen be a part of your birth experience – and give yourself and your baby the gift of postpartum health and contentment.

Hannah Morgan

Placenta Encapsulator, Birth Doula

Hannah Morgan is a student midwife and attends births with two busy Maryland-based midwifery practices. She believes birth is
a beautiful and natural event, and enjoys helping mothers feel empowered to make their own decisions during their pregnancies and births.

Hannah is enrolled in Birthwise Midwifery School and is working toward becoming a Certified Professional Midwife. She just returned from spending two years in Togo, West Africa, working as a Peace Corps volunteer. There, she witnessed many unassisted births and led infant and prenatal care groups with the women in her village. She is DONA International trained as a birth doula, and trained by Carmen Calvo and ProDoula in placenta encapsulation services. In December 2016, Hannah took a Mayan Abdominal Massage course in Guatemala, Central America. She is also enrolled in Aviva Romm's Herbal Medicine for Women's Health course and enjoys learning about the power of traditional plant medicine in women's reproductive health.

Hannah lives in Baltimore with her two kittens, Placenta and Polenta.

postpartum doula baltimore

Alison Shely

Postpartum Doula

Alison has been a nurse for 3 years and started her career in the intensive care unit. She transferred to the postpartum unit at Sinai Hospital last year and fell in love with birth and postpartum work. As a nurse in a hospital setting, she noticed how little support new parents are offered when they leave. After doing research she discovered the role of a postpartum doula. She trained with DONA and immediately started working, hoping to help new mothers transition into their new lives.

While she has not had the motherhood experience for herself as of yet, she has dedicated her career to the pursuit of healthy moms and babies during this postpartum period. She can offer emotional support, extensive breastfeeding assistance, and evidence-based information for any family. She will help you have the postpartum period you have always dreamed of.

Anne Fraim

Birth Doula

Anne Fraim received her birth doula training through DONA International. As a birth doula, she knows that birth is an experience that a mother will remember all of her life. Her role is to assist a woman and her birth partner in carrying out their birth plan. To achieve this, she will provide continuous emotional support, physical comfort, and non-clinical advice throughout your labor and delivery.

Anne has worked as a physical therapist assistant for 35 years. She has a vast knowledge of comfort measures such as massage, movement, and positional changes. In her years of clinical practice, she has enjoyed working with a diverse clientele. Her calm and objective demeanor are a great asset and comfort to her birth clients.

Anne is committed to helping women create great birth memories!


Alayna Spratley

Director, The Nurturing Root Ohio

Alayna became interested in birth work while living abroad and pregnant with her first child. There is so much information regarding the perinatal period and beyond; through research it became clear that being prepared and finding an excellent support system is key to a having a smoother birth and gentler postpartum period.

After having her second baby, Alayna trained as a postpartum doula with MaternityWise International.

Welcoming a baby is such a transformative experience, but it is not always easy. As a postpartum doula, Alayna offers emotional nourishment, practical assistance, and evidenced-based information for the entire family. She will honor your wishes for the postpartum period while helping Mother and baby heal, rest, and bond. Alayna wants everyone to feel included, confident, and cared for while establishing a new rhythm with baby.

Eileen Ackerman

Postpartum Doula

Eileen Ackerman is a DONA International trained postpartum doula. She is excited to help nurture you and your new baby in this important fourth trimester of childbirth ! Recognizing the need and importance of having extra support during this crucial time through her own personal experience as well as many friends and family, Eileen is dedicated to helping foster the most important part of new parenting - bonding and getting to know your new precious baby ! Supporting  a new family and helping to ease some of the worry and anxiety of adding a child into the family is a passion for Eileen and she looks forward to getting to know your unique family and helping make this as stress- free as possible.
Eileen comes with a lot of experience having seven children - 4 birth and 3 adopted and one beautiful grand baby. For the last several years she has been taking care of foster babies right from the hospital for about 6 weeks until they are ready to be placed into their forever families. This has been such a privilege and a joy to take care of these babies and to help their new adopted parents transition into becoming a family !
postpartum doula in baltimore
postpartum doula in baltimore

Darcy Flamholz

Postpartum Doula

My whole life I have had a passion for working with babies and young children. After many years babysitting, being a camp counselor and taking care of my younger siblings, I went to West Virginia University to earn my B.S. in child development and family studies/early childhood education specializing in birth- preK.

I went on to become the lead infant teacher/caregiver at The Goddard School for 6 years until I left to be a stay at home mom to my first son in 2012. I am now the proud mom of 2 little boys and after experiencing my own journey into motherhood, I decided to train with DONA to become a postpartum doula. I am very passionate about providing support to moms and families as they welcome their new little ones home.

Katie Kirkpatrick

Birth Doula

Katie has trained with DONA International and Spinning Babies. She is certified Child Birth Instructor and is currently studying placenta encapsulation with Placenta Benefits. She first became a doula to support a friend in labor and in the process found a calling, falling in love with everything related to birth. It is her joy and privilege to support families during one of the most sacred times of their lives and help them achieve their desired birth experience. She enjoys supporting pregnant moms and helping them research their options so they don't have the dreaded experience of saying "I wish I would've known..." She provides support throughout pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum experience often corresponding with clients throughout the first few years of life. She has two adopted daughters from Haiti and has cared for 10 special needs babies and children through foster care. She has a degree in Public Policy and has spent her career supporting under resourced communities around the world.

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