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Our Baltimore birth doulas serve the surrounding areas, including Anne Arundel, Howard & Harford Counties.

A birth doula is a trained professional who provides emotional support and physical comfort to you during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Doulas give evidence-based information and resources to you and your partner as you prepare for your baby’s birth.

With a deep understanding of the physiology of birth, doulas are able to provide comfort measures, recommend a variety of labor positions, and relaxation techniques to keep you as comfortable as possible during labor. A doula works closely with your partner to provide you with the best support possible, so that you may have a beautiful, peaceful birth experience.

Whether you are seeking a medicated, unmedicated, or cesarean birth, our Baltimore birth doulas will offer continuous, nonjudgmental support to help you achieve the birth you’ve been hoping for.
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Pregnant woman sitting in front of her window in Baltimore waiting for her doula

Benefits of Using a Doula Include:

>39% Decreased Risk of Cesarean Section Delivery

>15% Increased Likelihood of Vaginal Birth

>31% Decreased Dissatisfaction in Birth Experience

>10% Decrease in Requests for Pain Relief

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