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What a transformation our bodies go through during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. As a birthing person, you deserve a ritual that promotes healing and a feeling of strength throughout your postpartum. The organs in your stomach, uterus and pelvic bones are going through so many changes from stretching to putting themselves back together. This is when your muscles are at their weakest. Why not indulge in those changes and benefit from the effects in a natural, comfortable way? 

Belly binding can be absolutely amazing when it comes to your body healing from birth. Whether you have had a vaginal or a cesarean birth, the practice of belly binding can be that supportive guide for putting your body back together. 

Rooted in the Malaysian culture, it became clear that this healing process would help postpartum mama's all around the world. The technique requires a long piece of cloth, typically 15 yards, usually muslin fabric, wrapped around the body of the mother from the pubis bone to the top of the rib cage. This cloth is knotted in the middle of the stomach, along the linea negra, in a beautiful design like pattern. The knots help keep the wrap secure and tight.
This wrap is recommended to wear for up to 12 hours and is best to do so in the 6 weeks after birth since there is still relaxin present. That helps move things back in place more easily. 

After a vaginal birth, you can wrap anywhere from 5-8 days up until 6 weeks. After a cesarean birth, wrapping after 4-5 weeks is ideal for the best comfort. Your body needs a little extra time to heal before wrapping so tightly after major surgery. Talk with your provider first. 

During pregnancy, your uterus grows and that causes your stomach muscles to separate to make room for baby. A condition called Diastasis Recti happens when the stomach muscles stay separated after pregnancy. In this case, a belly bind wrap is not very ideal. “Diastasis recti is a very specific condition that can’t be fixed by a belly wrap,” says Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, a physical therapist, “You're dealing with a vulnerable area in your body that needs time to heal. Wrapping might help you prevent doing damage, but your body needs to heal on its own time. Go to a physical therapist if you need help with diastasis recti. Look for someone who has experience working with diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues to assist you in person.” In time, after this condition has healed and you feel like you'd like to try belly binding, again ask your care provider first. 

 The benefits of belly binding include retaining core muscles, helps the uterus shrink, corrects your posture while breastfeeding, or carrying your newborn. The compression from the wrap can aid in flushing out postpartum bleeding. It can even help balance your hormones. The enjoyment of this practice will bring you satisfaction and comfort in your own home. 

 With this package, the client gets 3 visits that include a warm, sesame oil massage during each visit. You will get a wrap to to keep, as well. With the first, I will show you how to massage your belly and wrap your body for you. The second visit consists of your partner learning how to massage your stomach. This beautiful bonding experience lets you and your partner laugh and talk about your birth on both sides. The wrap then goes around your body by your partner, I will be there to guide and help rewrap if necessary. The last time we are together, you will massage your belly and learn how to wrap your body yourself. This powerful practice will help heal and strengthen your body in ways that will feel bountiful.
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Belly Binding Services Include:

  • 3 Home visits
  • Sesame oil massage during each visit
  • A wrap for you to keep
  • Training for your partner
New mother with belly binding in Baltimore

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